Blue Gong Support
Widgets 1.0 F.A.Q

Q. When I launch widgets I get an Alert "A required DLL file, D3D8.DLL, was not found."
A. This means you have an older version of DirectX on your computer.
   Widgets requires that DirectX 8.1 be installed before you play.
   It can be downloaded at

Q. When I play the screen is all white or the game plays very slowly.
A. Download the latest drivers for your video card, this almost always
   solves these problems.

Q. When I start the game I get an Alert "1024 x 1024 textures not supported"
A. Your video card does not support the texture resolution required for Widgets to
   operate. This may be the case with some graphics cards that are over 3 years old.
   Any new video card in the $40.00 range these days will work fine.
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